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HV Radial Saw

There is no machine faster to cut a pipe.

Cut time based on 20" OD by 3/4" WT is 45 seconds, based on onshore cutting with a compressed air cooling pack for the blades. With no heat issues working sub-sea these figures should be easily achieved. 

Each blade is directly coupled to a hydraulic motor, based on an operating pressure of 150bar at the tool. This will produce a cutting torque of 1000Nm. We have designed the cutting spindle so that a twin drive system can be adopted for each blade, with the second motor being piped in series to the first drive motor. Thus providing a means to maintain blade torque at greater depths.

Typical hydraulic requirement at the tool would be 100L/min at 150bar system pressure.

The clamping configuration can consist of a duel clamping system, or a single clamping system depending on the required clamping force. Clamping forces can also be controlled at the tool head with a pressure release valve. Our clamping systems can be designed for specific project requirements, with regards to forces and loads.

The hydraulic system for sub-sea application will consist of pilot operated spool valves, which are mounted at the tool head, thus reducing the size of the hydraulic hose bundle. The hose bundle consists of pressure feed return and pilot lines.

The tool also has an on board automatic greasing system, which will provide lubrication to all pin joint connections during operation.

Deployment can be via deck crane with the option of extendable clamping system, to assist with the positioning of the tool on to the pipe. Other means of deployment can be configured ie fitting of buoyancy modules

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