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Pipe bevelling machines BM series

The pipe beveling machine COFIM® type BM 14 & BM24 are pipe internal clamping system.
The BM will give you a perfect bevel at the end of your pipe before the welding process, and will perform the job very safely for your operators compare to a flam cut or grinding process.
The BM is using a cold cutting action, which will not damage the structural of the material. If you use a BM electric driven 380V, the machine is very silent.
The machine is self centered in the pipe thanks to 3 blades positioned at 120°and has a self torque reaction, to avoid any danger for the operator. All the blades are marked with the ID dimensions able to clamp, to avoid any mistakes and loss of time. The clamping blades do not need any screws to be set up on the machine, makes the operator life easy. The BM can accept up to 4 tool bits on the plate to perform facing, beveling and compound beveling, and counter boring in a simultaneous action.
The machine can be equipped with cutting insert holders to hold an insert having 8 cutting sides.

Technical details

Model Technical description Photos
Pipe bevelling machines
  • Clamping range: 78-332mm
  • Power: pneumatic 1,7kW
    pressure: 6 bars, flow: 2000l/min.
    electric 3-phase 1,1kW
Pipe bevelling machines
  • Clamping range: 220-680mm;
  • Power: electric 3-phase 4kW

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