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Pipe bevelling maschines PBM series

Bench Beveling machine for workshop. These are heavy duty machines.
The clamping device is a prismatic clamping jaws system moving by hand or electric driven in option.
The feed system is made by a wheel hand or electric driven option.
The tool plate support insert carbide which insure the bevel form. The electric drive has got two speed adjustment .
A control panel permit to stop and start the machine.
A cooling system can ordered separately.

Example; Pipe 6” (168,3mm,) WT 12mm, material: P265GH/H1. Machining time: 30 sec.

Dane techniczne

Machine PBM-3 PBM-4 PBM-6 PBM-16 PBM-24 PBM-30
Range of clamping diameter (mm) 0-76 20-116 46-180 60-410 215-620 215-780
Working range (mm) 2-114 10-116 30-180 40-410 170-620 170-780
Max. Wall thickness (mm) 5 13 25 20 33 35
Diamnesions (cm) 90x74x130 90x74x130 130x90x145 140x110x190 300x230x180 350x240x180
Weight (kg) 650 700 1.250 2.250 11.000 12.000


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